August 27th, 2023

Romania Coat of Arms Ukraine
Romanian room

By Joseph Nichols, Organizer

Getting across the border from Bulgaria into Romania was efficiently handled by customs inspectors. The key was to have the supplies easily accessible to the inspectors. Our Moldovan drivers knew to be patient.
There is a direct route from Romania into Ukraine, but we would have to cross the Danube at Izmail (Ukraine), which is not recommended these days, and there in stops in Moldova scheduled for deliveries.
Moldova is a small country with Romania to the west and Ukraine to the north, south and east. It is the second poorest country in Europe (Ukraine is the poorest), and it has taken in more refugees from Ukraine per-capita than any other country. Moldova has strong cultural and economic ties to Romania.

The country and people of Moldova have done remarkable work setting up well organized temporary refugee housing, as well as converting empty buildings to house Ukrainian families. The UN and MSF, and multiple NGO’s have been working in Moldova for years. The war in Ukraine have stretch these efforts very thin.

We have three temporary housing locations to visit this trip for the distribution of aid to Ukrainian refugees and Moldovan families hosting Ukrainians. Mostly hygiene products. Our trucks will meet in a couple of days north of the Transnistria region and cross into Ukraine. We will pick up more supplies for distribution in Ukraine that have been sent in from Poland.

We are still in need of help with funds for petrol.
Our three biggest needs:
Cash donations for the teachers stipends (about $50 a month now).
Funds for school supplies.
Funding for the purchase of children’s prescription glasses. ($12 per pair)

We continue to build on our winter program of emergency aid packages.

Thank you for your continued support.