January 11th, 2023

Flipped car

By Joseph Nichols, Organizer / Elena, Ukraine

School activities in the western regions are stable and growing. The level of missile and drone attacks has dropped significantly in the western oblasts, allowing for a more normal daily schedule. Electricity blackouts continue each day, but we adapt.
Authorities continue to insist on large classroom gatherings, but parents are not willing to send their children to government buildings with little access to shelters. The on-line schooling is useless as electricity is not consistent, or too dynamic, and parents (usually just mothers or older siblings with the men on defense duty) need to go to the job.

Our Keep The Kid’s Learning is an agile option for the thousands of displaced families facing so many obstacles. We have 1000 “students” in many locations, THANKS TO YOU!

More than half of our temporary classrooms function with battery chargers. There is not enough stored energy to support computer learning full-time, teachers and volunteers are the source for information, entertainment, and all the usual tasks of children. Parents help a lot with cooking food and treats.

As the conflict will soon be entering its second year, these “pop-up” programs have become an important part of daily life for the children and young adults. Our young adult girls are of great concern to us, the “wolves” constantly circle. We pray that soon normal life will return to us all. Until then, we still need your help. We have many supplies to purchase for the winter months.

Thank you for reading and for donating!
Elena, Chernihiv, Ukraine