November 29th, 2022

map of Ukraine

Good evening,

We have had an administrative day of sorts, vehicle maintenance, meetings, mission planning etc. The highlight was last night when our neighbor Marina and her grandson Daniel invited us for a dinner of Borsch and wine. We had an amazing conversation about their experiences when the Russians rolled right down the street and randomly machine-gunned houses and used tanks to destroy entire city blocks. Marina’s neighbor, who lives in what we call the “orange house” was forced out of his home and shot in the street at the end of our driveway.

Marina, whose family is originally from Russia, still has two sisters there and they only talked by phone a couple of times. Each time despite photos, the sisters said that Marina was wrong, that there were no Russians in Ukraine and that the soldiers killing her neighbors and laying waste to the town were the Ukrainian military. Marina said she has now disowned her family in Russia because of their brainwashed behavior and lack of concern for her and the rest of the family. Unfortunately I told her I have encountered many people in my own country who have a similar view.

I have heard stories like this from several Ukrainians with friends and family in Russia. I will be interviewing Daniel soon to obtain material for Raw Travel TV if possible

I also finally met the guys from the Force X Canada group for lunch. I have been supporting them for several months in their efforts to assist the 72nd Brigade and deliver aid near the front. As a result of the lunch meeting, we will be delivering medical supplies to a hospital in the southern city of Mykolaiv on Wednesday.

Hymie also got a message from our mutual friend Debbie in Holland about a man near the front in Donetsk who needs additional assistance setting up a field kitchen for the troops in the “grey zone” near the front on Donetsk. He is sort of stuck in there due to the location and basically has no access to civilization. I hit the Epicenter (with everyone else in Kyiv, when the power came back on) and purchased some of the of the supplies he requested today including three portable wood-burning stoves for cooking and making a warming tent. Your generous donations made this possible and I am very grateful to you all. We will be delivering two of the stoves and other equipment to him after we leave Mykolaiv.

Power just went out. Gotta try and send this. More to follow.