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Opinion polls and social media likes do not inform our moral compass.

Thank you for visiting RawTravelUkraine.com. My name is Robert G. Rose.

I've been an independent media entrepreneur for most of my career. My company, AIM TV Group, prides itself on creating "media that matters."

I began traveling several years ago, producing a blog about punk music worldwide and creating a record label from those travels. This eventually led me to produce Raw Travel TV, which is in its 11th season and has been the most-watched authentic travel show on U.S. commercial television for most of that time. Our mantra is "empathy = strength."

I've visited Ukraine five times, including two times after the full Russian invasion. My most recent visit was in the summer of 2023. I filmed "My Summer in Ukraine," a four-part documentary series that will debut on Raw Travel the weekend of April 27, 2024, through May 19, 2024.

The series will then be reformatted as a feature-length documentary film before making the film festival circuit.

I've also visited Russia (2010), Russian Occupied South Ossetia, Georgia (2019), and several post-Soviet states where I have many friends and relationships. These travels and relationships made me curious to learn more about Ukraine's unique history and geopolitical concerns surrounding Russia.                               

The history of Ukraine is long and fascinating and I am still learning, but every day is a massive undertaking of absorbing content from credible sources. I wish to share this knowledge to better inform others of the geopolitical, cultural, and historical issues surrounding Ukraine. Hence, this website.

“My Summer in Ukraine” coming April and May 2024.


This site was initially launched as a simple blog in early 2022 after the full-scale Russian invasion to raise funds for our friends and refugees in Ukraine.

The redesigned site you are browsing now is dedicated to supporting Ukraine by sharing research, resources, and various ways to support Ukraine, from monetary to volunteering and from military to political.

We've outlined four significant ways to take action, including DONATE (not just your money but your expertise or time or simple moral support), ADVOCATE (politically and on social media), EDUCATE yourself and others (recommend books, publications, movies, etc., that are vital tools to combatting Russian propaganda and disinformation) and HIRE (resources for hiring Ukrainian talent and companies)

Continue to visit this site for Ukraine news and ideas for supporting Ukraine

Even after this horrific war, there will be much to do for years to aid Ukraine. From helping refugees to amputees and the wounded to the traumatized children and adults to the clean-up of mined territory and rebuilding of bombed buildings, schools, hospitals, and infrastructure, the list is long.

In other words, this site will grow and evolve over time as Ukraine's needs change, but we are here for the long haul.

Robert G. Rose with a young boy in Kherson, Ukraine
Robert G. Rose with a young patriot in Kerson, Ukraine.


One primary goal is to amplify the efforts of the many people and grassroots organizations doing so much to help support Ukraine during this difficult time while educating and fighting back against Russian-sponsored disinformation and propaganda that has taken hold worldwide, but especially in the United States and infected our political discourse.

Stay educated on what life is like in Ukraine today. I invite you to check out the site's different content sections, including our VIDEOS channel, which will be updated with new relevant content frequently, along with some new interviews. By visiting regularly, you can stay apprised of the current situation in Ukraine at any point in time.

Please check out our Blog Section, where you can follow my blog posts and Guest Bloggers, U.S. Marine and Humanitarian Mark Cary and U.S. Expatriate humanitarian in Ukraine Joseph Nichols.

Their posts can offer essential historical records in almost real-time documentary evidence of the history of this most crucial issue of our time.

Along those lines, please visit our HALL OF FAME page, acknowledging just a few of the many people and organizations sacrificing so Ukraine can be free. It will be updated frequently.

Sadly, we find it necessary to host the HALL OF SHAME, which calls out the spineless, compromised, or confused individuals or organizations that, purposely or not, amplify Russian propaganda and lies or are helping Putin continue his campaign of murder in other ways.

Rob at Podium in front of an audience

                          BOOK A MEDIA INTERVIEW, SPEAKER, OR GUEST                                 WITH UKRAINE EXPERTISE AND FIRST-HAND INSIGHTS

If you need a speaker or presenter for your event or organization, or need Ukrainian expertise for your media outlet, with personal knowledge of, and experience related to Russia's current war in Ukraine, please check out our CONTACT/BOOKING page where we have a curated list of impressive and articulate speakers with unique, credible first-hand insights and expertise into Ukraine.   

I have been a featured on many media interviews as well as a featured speaker, panelist, and presenter at numerous conferences worldwide for years. To view some of our most recent media interviews, please visit our PRESS page.

Robert Rose being interviewed by a TV crew


If you have a collaboration or some other thoughts on how we can help Ukraine, or want to reach us for any other reason, please visit our CONTACT page to say "hello." Even simple words of encouragement are welcome and provide a much-needed morale boost.

As we expressed above, when Russia's war on Ukraine concludes, there will be much work to be done to ensure casualties of the war have what they need to get back on their feet, both physically and emotionally. Those of us who are committed to supporting Ukraine, and want to help, have a long journey still ahead of us!

EVEN THE SMALLEST EFFORTS TO SUPPORT UKRAINE CAN MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE: One of the purposes of disinformation is to demoralize and silence those working for the greater good. We will never be silent, and there are many more good people than the relatively small number of evil but vocal few. Let us hear your voice!

Along those lines, please follow us on our social media channels with links at the bottom of the page and help us spread the word about this page by sharing it on your social media.

Together, Ukraine, peace, freedom and democracy will prevail. Slava Ukraini!

"Imagine a peaceful and beautiful world. Then go make it possible." - Robert G. Rose