We've curated a list of speakers and presenters who can offer unique perspectives on Ukraine and the results of Russian aggression on neighboring countries in the region. Each presenter has a unique story to tell and a unique way of describing it. From filmmakers to authors, bloggers, humanitarians, and soldiers, our list of potential speakers can travel across the globe in person or remotely to help educate and inform thanks to their first-hand experiences.  

If you want to book any individual speaker, please contact them directly at the link provided. Also, feel free to CONTACT us, and we will provide an introduction.

Filmmaker and TV Producer, Robert G. Rose

Throughout his media and travel journalism, Rose has been a featured speaker at numerous travel and media industry events worldwide. He's also been a featured guest on multiple podcasts, morning shows, and news shows. He has been featured in national and international media. Rose has visited scores of countries, and he's visited Ukraine five times, including two times after Russia's full-scale invasion. His upcoming documentary "My Summer in Ukraine" will show a unique perspective of traveling to a country at war. Increasingly well versed in Russian-Ukrainian relations and history, Rose's travels to various hot spots and oppressive governments in countries such as Nicaragua, Russia, Cuba, Russian Occupied South-Ossetia in Georgia, and many more give Rose a distinctive perspective, and the photos, videos, and stories to go with it. If you'd like to enquire about booking Robert for a media interview or a virtual or in-person speaking engagement, don't hesitate to contact us here.

Interview with Robert Rose
Mark Cary Speaking
Mark Cary

Humanitarian and US Marine, Mark Cary

Mark Cary is a U.S. Marine and retired U.S. Border Patrol Agent who has traveled to Ukraine numerous times on humanitarian missions since the very beginning of Russia's full invasion. He is often a featured speaker and presenter at various clubs and universities and is very adept at discussing the geopolitical and humanitarian aspects of Russia's war in Ukraine. Please contact us here if you are interested in booking Mark for a media interview or virtual or in-person speaking engagement.

Humanitarian, Hymie Dunn (UK)

Hymie Dunn is a London-based humanitarian who left her art world career behind to volunteer and run humanitarian missions to Ukraine since Russia's full invasion of Ukraine in 2022. Hymie crowdfunded a van and drove back and forth between the United Kingdom and Ukraine to fundraise and load up on supplies. Like her humanitarian partner, U.S. Marine Mark Cary, Hymie is featured extensively in "My Summer in Ukraine" and can offer a wealth of insight and information on humanitarian efforts in some of the most war-torn areas of the country. Please contact us here if you are interested in booking Hymie for a media interview or virtual or in-person speaking engagement.

Hymie with Children
Hymie in Odessa, Ukraine
Rick Ray
Rick Ray

Filmmaker, Rick Ray

Award-winning cinematographer, writer, editor and director Rick Ray of Rick Ray Films has traveled the world to capture images of its peoples and cultures. He has produced numerous documentary films including the award-winning 10 Questions For The Dalai Lama, the highly regarded The Soul of India, Raise the Bamboo Curtain with Martin Sheen, and on regions as diverse as Syria, Namibia, Borneo, Lebanon, Iceland, Israel, and Bali and more. 

When the Russia's full invasion in Ukraine began in 2022, Rick spent several weeks filming stock footage and documenting evidence of the atrocities and war crimes committed by the Russian military. He is also currently in edit on his own documentary "Be Safe: Stories from Ukraine" 

Rick is a very experienced speaker and presenter as a frequent lecturer at performing arts centers, universities and other venues across the United States. To book Rick, please contact him here

UDS Co-Founder & Former Ukrainian Soldier, Carl Larson

Carl Larson is a U.S. Army veteran who also served in the International Legion of Ukraine. He spent several months at the front lines in eastern Ukraine. Carl was born and raised in the greater Seattle area, had a stint in the US Army where he served in Iraq, and in his day job services a large accounting website. In early March of 2022 he felt compelled to travel to Ukraine to physically join the Ukrainian defense of their homeland. Despite having no prior connection to Ukraine, he feels that it’s the world’s obligation to help the Ukrainians defend democracy there and contain the spread of ruthless authoritarianism before it engulfs other peaceful countries.

He is currently writing a book about his experience in Ukraine and he is also the founder of the Ukrainian Defense Support (UDS) which has raised over $100,000 USD to assist Ukraine. To book Carl as a media interview or lecturer please contact UDS here. 

Carl Larson in Ukraine
Carl Larson in Ukraine
Katya Soldak
Katya Soldak

Filmmaker, Writer & Forbes Intl. Editor, Katya Soldak

Katya Soldak is a New-York-based journalist, born and raised in Ukraine.

In addition to producing the film The Long Breakup, Katya works as an editorial director for Forbes Magazine’s international editions, having previously toiled in the world of documentary production at CBS News Productions and various production houses in New York City.

A Columbia School of Journalism alumna, she's interviewed high-profile politicians and artists and has written cover stories for Forbes about Ukrainian and Russian oligarchs. Katya is the author of the memoir essay This Is How Propaganda Works, about growing up in the Soviet Union. 

Visit Katya’s site on Forbes 

To enquire about booking Katya please contact her here. 

Humanitarian, Joseph Nichols (Ukraine)

Joseph Nichols is an American logistics professional from Montana who’s lived in Ukraine for years. When Russian aggression ramped up, with the total invasion in 2022, Joseph began two grassroots initiatives with Care4Ukraine and Keep the Kids Learning. Joseph is a tireless humanitarian who speaks Ukrainian fluently and understands the nuances of the culture. To enquire about booking Joseph, please reach out to Joseph here or to us here.

Joseph Nichols in Ukraine
Joseph Nichols in Ukraine

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