As we expressed on the Raw Travel Ukraine HOME page, every little effort and donation matters, regardless of its size or nature. Indeed, this is likely the most grassroots-funded, defensive war in history. If you'd like to donate to grassroots organizations doing important work, from humanitarian to helping front-line troops with connections to Raw Travel, please find an organization below and ways to help them.

Raw Travel Merch

Buy Merch: Your “Empathy = Strength” T-shirt or Coffee Mug purchase will literally save lives.Empathy = Strength, Let Freedom Ring shirts and merch save lives. Order your Official Raw Travel “Empathy = Strength” Shirts and Mugs HERE

Order the Empathy = Strength T-shirt that Rob wears on the show, or the coffee mugs, and $10 of every order will support and their sister organization of “Keep The Kids Learning.”

Rob wearing Empathy = Strength Tee
Empathy = Strength Tee
Little Girls Painting

DONATE to support - a grassroots organization, operating in Ukraine with local and expat volunteers. The focus of their work is supporting Internally Displaced People (IDP’s), people that have been forced from their homes and cities but do not have refugee status. Through programs like KEEP THE KID’S LEARNING their teams offer daily social support, in addition to basic medical and dental care, teacher support, and safe places to stay warm. In the past year they have delivered solar generators, water filtration kits, power banks, medicines, wound care supplies, medical equipment, and more. 

Peace Rocks!

War is bad but peace rocks, in more ways than one. Raw Travel viewer and talented artist Cat Nevarez created these beautifully painted rocks to help raise funds for our pals at If you'd like to get a rock sent to you, gently delivered by the US Postal Service, please make a donation of $50 or more at our GoFundMePage or via our Paypal and just leave a comment "peace rocks." I'll then get notified and will reach out to get your mailing address and information to send you one of Cat's lovely peace rocks. Makes a wonderful knick knack, desk paperweight, our outdoor garden decoration while supporting Ukraine!  

Make a $50 donation and choose one of our
Anastasia's Father with Drone
Anastasia's Father with the drone Raw Travel purchased

Support Anastasia's Father's Troop

Anastasia is Raw Travel’s Ukrainian-based videographer and a member of the Raw Travel Crew. She and her family have been displaced twice since 2014. Anastasia’s father is a soldier fighting near the front. Through the generosity of Raw Travel viewers, we were able to help her father’s platoon obtain a pickup truck, a drone, body armor, and other supplies. They also need generators, chainsaws, chemical warmer pads, and Starlinks. If you’d like to help Anastasia’s father’s troop, please donate directly at our GoFundMe page and or better yet, our Pay-Pal Page and comment “for Anastasia.” 

Another way you can help, is buying one of Raw Travel's "Ukraine Strong Resistance Letters" Tee-Shirts or Coffee Mugs here. Every shirt, hoodie or coffee mug sold will result in $10 going to help Anastasia's father's troop. 

See Anastasia's fundraising video here. 

Mobile Schools for children in Kherson

Mark Cary (USA) and Hymie Dunn (UK) are two humanitarians featured prominently in "My Summer in Ukraine." They are fundraising to provide sustainable learning and recreation projects for kids in the Kherson region who do not have consistent schooling because of the war.

Together with Tonia (My Summer in Ukraine - Chapter Two) and her brother, from Kherson City, they have custom-built and installed a 'mobile' school and library in one of the frontline villages, and they would like to scale this concept to more villages in the area. Donations go directly to those in need, and no matter the size, they are valuable and vital to helping these struggling children in a war zone. Donate here.

School Children in Kherson
School Children in Kherson

MOAS Ukraine

With air evacuation impossible near the front lines in Ukraine, MOAS Ukraine is focused on the point of injury / evacuation care and damage control resuscitation, which involves far-forward paramedics, doctors and nurses, logistics teams and drivers heading out in-country to treat injuries in the field and reduce preventable morbidity and mortality.

With a fleet of ambulances, all with different specifications and capacities, the vehicles are equipped with medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and state-of-the-art equipment that allows their teams to provide both basic and advanced life support, advanced interventions, transport and triage, as well as some more expanded medical interventions as and when needed.

Their core strategic team of 150 doctors, nurses and drivers manages this life-saving work every day, helping seriously injured soldiers, and providing life-saving treatments. As of this writing, MOAS has transported over 20,000 severely injured soldiers and not lost one single soldier. 

To see more about their work, please watch this video and to learn more about the organization visit their website. 

Support BMW Troop's Shirt

Raw Travel met Ukrainian soldier BMW (Call Sign) in the summer of 2022 in Lviv, Ukraine, where he was recuperating from wounds sustained in battle. Since then, BMW and his son and his troop have been involved in some of the fiercest fighting on the front in Ukraine, unable to get proper rest and without appropriate supplies. A cold, muddy, and dangerous winter fighting in Avdiivka, made worse by softening support from Western allies, has made life hard for BMW and his merry band of courageous mates. 100% of the profit from this shirt, consisting of the design of the mascot of their troop, the Marmot, will be outfitted BMW's troop with needed basic supplies such as warm weather gear, socks, underwear, etc. Whatever they need most, they are free to spend it on. Please visit the store HERE

Support BMW's Troop Shirt
Rob with BMW in Lviv, Ukraine 2022

Support BMW's Troop Through Direct Donation

Robert met call sign "BMW" on his first day back in Lviv, Ukraine after the full invasion in the summer of 2022. BMW was prominently featured in "Steadfast in Ukraine," Since then, Robert and BMW have remained friends. BMW and his son have been near the front almost nonstop, and they provide Robert with videos and photo updates frequently from the front, some of which can be seen on "My Summer in Ukraine." Through donations, Raw Travel has been able to help BMW's troop by donating for warm winter clothing, body armor and more. You can help BMW's troop continue their defense of Ukraine by donating here and commenting "for BMW."

TAPS / AMI Ukraine: Torhalla and Bill’s Campaign for Ukraine

Despite two plus years of brutal attacks by Russia the resilience and spirit of the Ukrainian people continues to inspire us. We invite you to join us in raising money for evacuation ATV’s, ambulances and other medical supplies. All of these are urgently needed in Ukraine.

In the past two years, we’ve delivered everything from evacuation ATV's and ambulances to tourniquets and sleeping bags. Casualties have hard a hard time reaching hospitals. So our current focus is on evacuation ATV’s.

Our partners in this very important fundraising mission are Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) and AMI Expeditionary Healthcare (AMI).

TAPS, founded by Bonnie Carroll, is a multi-national nonprofit providing compassionate care and resources for all those grieving the death of a military loved one. Since 1994, TAPS has provided comfort and hope 24 hours a day, seven days a week at no cost to surviving loved ones. AMI provides medical services to international aid organizations, humanitarian concerns, the private sector and government agencies in a wide range of remote and challenging environments.

Together TAPS and AMI have created a partnership to deliver a continuum of care in Ukraine.

Find out more and how to donate HERE.

Aid workers in Ukraine
Torhalla and Bill deliver aid in Ukraine

Not in a position to donate or volunteer? 

Learn how to have an impact as an ADVOCATE FOR UKRAINE