Robert G. Rose (Rob) is a media entrepreneur, travel and video journalist, creator, producer, and host of the long-running "RawTravel TV," an authentic, socially aware travel TV show.

Over his media career, he has created a tapestry of content while producing socially conscious "media that matters." His mantra of "empathy equals strength" is displayed throughout his work.

Rob created his production and distribution company, Artist and Idea Management (AKA AIM Tell-A-Vision Group), in 2000. In 2010, he took a sabbatical to live and travel abroad. This life-changing experience inspired him to develop "RawTravel TV."

Currently, Raw Travel is in its eleventh season. It is exhibited each weekend in 185 cities in 97% of the United States via local broadcast TV affiliates (CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, etc.) and several international territories, airlines, and select streaming outlets.

Robert G. Rose in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2012
Robert in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2012

WORLD TRAVELER, HUMANITARIAN AND FILMMAKER: Rob has traveled to scores of challenging and potentially politically charged destinations to film, including Haiti, Cuba, China, and Vietnam (all while undercover), Colombia, Georgia (including the Russian-occupied territory of Ossetia), and Russia (2010). But it was his visits to Ukraine that would most dramatically change his perspective and inspire him to become an outspoken supporter of Ukraine in its existential struggle against Russian aggression.

ADVOCATE AND SUPPORTER FOR UKRAINE: Rob first visited Ukraine in 2012. He returned twice more in 2019 to film episodes for Raw Travel, introducing his viewers to the culture and beauty of Ukraine and its struggle to be free. It was in 2019 that he met Anastasia Zui, a talented cinematographer and now a regular member of the Raw Travel crew. Anastasia is a twice-displaced refugee from the Donbas region. Her story has been featured on the show to educate viewers on the recent history of Russia's illegal breach of Ukraine's sovereign territory.

Robert Rose with Anastasia Zui
Robert with Anastasia in Lviv, Ukraine 2022

KEEPING OTHERS INFORMED ABOUT UKRAINE'S WAR: Soon after the full invasion, Rob rushed to edit an episode entitled "Let Freedom Ring in Ukraine," complete with themed T-shirts and merchandise, to help raise awareness and funds for Ukraine. In the summer of 2022, Anastasia and Rob traveled together into Western and Central Ukraine to film an episode entitled "Steadfast in Ukraine" to give viewers insight into the toll the invasion was taking and to encourage them to be "steadfast" in their support.

A FILMMAKER SHOWING THE WORLD WHAT LIFE IS LIKE IN UKRAINE TODAY: In the summer of 2023, Rob returned to Ukraine for over a month and collaborated with Anastasia to film more. They embedded themselves with soldiers and American and UK Volunteers in Eastern and Southern Ukraine, such as Kherson, Mykolaiv, Odesa, Kharkiv, and more. The forthcoming four-part documentary series "My Summer in Ukraine" is based on this trip and will premiere on TV stations nationwide beginning April 27th and 28th, 2024. The redesigned website,, aspires to help educate viewers and inspire them with ways they can take action to support Ukraine.

Robert Rose in Lviv Ukraine 2022in 2022
Robert in Lviv, Ukraine 2022
Robert Rose in Kherson, Ukraine 2023
Robert in Kherson, Ukraine 2023

LOYAL SUPPORTER OF ALL PEOPLE'S RIGHT TO BE FREE: Rob is unapologetically supportive of Ukraine's right to be free. He hopes to employ Raw Travel's unique platform to continue raising funds and awareness to help the people of Ukraine. In addition to Raw Travel, Rob is an Associate Producer of the upcoming biographical film "BUCHA." His company is also the US distributor for the documentary "The Long Break Up" by Ukrainian writer, filmmaker and Forbes editor, Katya Soldak

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT ROBERT G. ROSE: When not filming, fundraising, or advocating for Ukraine, he reads voraciously, screens documentaries, consults, volunteers, blogs, and runs a small digital record label, "Punk Outlaw Records." He is a published writer, featured speaker at various travel, media, and tradeshows, and a member of numerous media and travel trade organizations.

Robert Rose in Central Kharkiv, Ukraine 2023
Robert in Kharkiv, Ukraine 2023