Hall of Fame

In our Hall of Shame, one can read about the few people confoundingly siding with fascism, cynicism, depravity, and murder. I don’t understand it and I think most reasonable people are equally perplexed.

But I am happy to report that countering that shameful behavior are many, many more people, heroes, really, who have sacrificed, in some cases, their very lives to ensure that evil will not prevail.

Joseph Nichols

Our first Hall of Famer is Joseph Nichols of Care4Ukraine.org and Keep The Kids Learning.

Joseph is an American logistics professional who’s lived in Ukraine for almost ten years and has many connections there.

When the war began, Joseph didn’t turn tail and instead has worked tirelessly to import humanitarian supplies as well as create a program to help keep the kids learning with stipends for volunteer teachers.

Learn more about Joseph and his organization at Care4Ukraine.org and the video below: